Commitment (Lack of)

1 in 1000 make it black Belt
1 in 1000 make it black Belt in our Art, this was the perception my instructor had put in my head of an impossible task at hand when i started in Kenpo, but i committed to attaining my black belt, 12 years on a fractured journey I have now actually seen a few colleagues achieve this, more than 1 in 1000 so the myth was broken, had I not been committed to my goal then 1 in 1000 would still be the perception.
I tell my students that the main difference between a White and black belt apart from Skill is commitment with persistence.

In today’s day and age commitment is taking lower priority in the world with what is called the “Now Generation.” The current younger generation are more likely to be less committed and indecisive, especially when it comes to something that will require more effort and long term commitment like martial arts. Without commitment, we lose the life lessons that come with that decision. These lessons not learned, therefore are not employed in everyday life. With commitment being one of the key elements to success, it is a vital principle for ones life skills.

A classic analogy of the Now Generation is the 24 Months Interest Free credit terms that are now readily available. You receive all the benefits – mainly the items up front, start using them and then have to commit to pay the item off. This forces the user to commit to a financial institution from the company providing the goods or services – regardless of the consequences later This would be the equivalent to giving a student their black belt when they start and asking them to keep coming to training and put in the hard yards, pay all their fees at the end and to finally achieve what you have already given them.

Humans in general, do not appreciate or respect things that have been easy to achieve or that are given to them. The novelty wears off and then so do the payments and interest free period. It is the commitment and hard work that earns that respect, that teach you the value of the lesson at hand, builds your integrity to walk the talk. Hence the old adage “Its the journey not the destination”.Without commitment, the other lessons disappear and students now find it hard to complete or attain any goals and this follows them around in life. Commitment leads to persistence and eventually with the right guidance and direction to Success.

So pick your role models wisely, as the commitment to training and guidance without questioning their values can lead you down the wrong path which you do not want to travel and possibly, compromising your core values along the way.

“What you get is the product of the destination, who you become is the product of the journey.”Mr Zig Ziglar

Peter Tas

Personal Self Defence


Head Instructor and Founder of Personal Self Defence.

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