2014 Texas Kenpo Conference a success

The 2014 Texas Kenpo Conference Hosted by Mr Lee Wedlake and Steve White in Banderas Texas was a success, Mr Tas was the only Australian to be present and spent time with the Kenpo Seniors to Broaden his knowledge and bring back more information to share with our Club, ” It was good to be the Student again”
Seminars were held with Mr Lee Wedlake, Mr Bob White, Mr Steve Labounty, Mr John Sepulveda, Mr Steve White, Mr Brian Duffy, Mr Graham Lelliott, Mr Felix Indest.

There was over 200 years of Kenpo Teaching experience and combined over 75 degrees of Black Belts

Seminars covering Mr Bob Whites Effective Coaching, Faster Stronger, Staff on Staff Applications from Mr Duffy, Mr Labountys rough and Tumble, Mr Steve Whites Kenpo Technique Model Explosion &  MA Business 101 for School Owners, Mr Graham Lelliott’s Long Form 2 and Zone Applications of Storm Techniques. Mr Lee Wedlakes Armed to the teeth and Tai Chi, Mr John Sepulveda on Bear hugs and a special Seminar from Mr Felix Indest on Sexual predators for school owners.
A great weekend with plenty of Information to keep us busy for the next 12 months at least.

Kenpo SeniorsTexas Conference ParticipantsIts da Guy Mr Bob WhiteMr Tas with the Mr Labounty and WhiteRough and Tumble Class Germany & AustraliaThe Gang The Chicago BoysJohn Sepulveda  Mr Brian DuffyMr White Texan Style   Steve Labounty Graham Lelliott


Head Instructor and Founder of Personal Self Defence.

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