Personal Self Defence New Dojo Location

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Personal Self Defence has moved to a new permanent and dedicated training Facility. We are now located in Governor Rd , Braeside (2.0kms around  the corner from the old Asp Gardens community centre dojo) at the following Location: Factory 6 / 314 Governor Rd Braeside   right near Ibis Cafe …

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2014 PSD Kenpo Spirit Training Camp Announced!

We are proud to announce our 8th Kenpo Spirit Training Camp for 2014 is now open for registration, our kenpo training camps are held biannually, this year will be held in the foothills of ballarat in Creswick, Victoria and open to all PSD students and associated schools, Weapons training, Sparring, pressure points, activities …

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2014 Texas Kenpo Conference a success

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The 2014 Texas Kenpo Conference Hosted by Mr Lee Wedlake and Steve White in Banderas Texas was a success, Mr Tas was the only Australian to be present and spent time with the Kenpo Seniors to Broaden his knowledge and bring back more information to share with our Club, ” It was good to be the Student again”
Seminars were held with Mr Lee Wedlake, Mr Bob White, Mr Steve Labounty, Mr John Sepulveda, Mr Steve White, Mr Brian Duffy, Mr Graham Lelliott, Mr Felix Indest.

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2014 Texas Kenpo Conference

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Texas Kenpo Conference, a Gathering of Kenpo Seniors (formerly the Kenpo Senior Conference) May 2-4, 2014 Rancho Cortez in Bandera, Texas Your hosts are Lee Wedlake and Steven White Welcome to Texas! In the spirit of past camps hosted by our lineage friends, this year’s event will be held on …

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New 2nd Deg Black Belt in the house

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Congratulations Bryan McCarthy on successfully testing for your 2nd Deg Black Belt with Peter Tas and Graham Lelliott, Bryan felt the pressure as he tested on his own to achieve all his requirements and successfully test to his 2nd Deg Black Belt in American Kenpo. Bryan recently moved 12 months …

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New Stripe Record Broken

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On Wed night we had a club record broken of 3 junior stripes in one night that had been held for the last 6 years until last wed night, Jake was determined to beat that record and achieved 4 stripes at orange belt to complete his 5 stripes and complete …

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New student Certified to Coach

Personal Self Defence would like to congratulate its new assistant instructor she has stepped up to the plate to take on additional duties in the club and understands the privilege and humility that comes with the position

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Happy New Year 2014 – Class Start Times

Hope you had a great break Personal Self Defence – Bayside Classes start back as Follows: BAYSIDE VICTORIA DOJO START DATES Program Start Date Location Tiger Warriors Wed  5th  Feb Asp Gardens Community Centre Adults EPAK & KTS Mon 3rd Feb Waterways Dojo Tiger Warriors Advanced Class Friday 7th Feb …

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2013 GL Kenpo Australian Tour Announced

Direct from Fresno, California USA, 8th Degree Associate Master Mr Graham Lelliott has announced his 2013 Australian tour. If you are a Kenpo practitioner or martial artists from another style, Mr Lelliott has something to offer you as he is known for his knowledge in the American Kenpo system, a seminar …

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    VIC 3195
    0438 946 781
    Opening Hours
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