Ed Parker Jr New T Shirt Designs

Ed Parker Jr has recently released some new Designs for High quality T shirt Line called Extreme Pain Clothing, pictured above is the samurai warrior, this and many other cool tshirt designs are available at www.extremepaingear.com and from first hand experience I can tell you they are Extremely Comfortable T-Shirts,…

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AMI Supershow 2008

I Recently Visited with Sensei Shane Parker the Australian Martial Arts Super show this past weekend and we met up with some accomplished Martial artists and business men who shared a lot of information and knowledge about their art and their Business, Mr Roland Osborne, Mr Keith Scott and Mr…

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Kids Grading May 2008

Personal Self Defence recently had a Kenpo Kids Grading on 2nd of May and successfully graded 10 students to their next Consecutive rank, shown above are our 2 New Blue Belts Chelsea and Christian and our new 2nd Brown Nicole and 1st Brown Christina. Well Done to all great effort…

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Commitment (Lack of)

1 in 1000 make it black Belt in our Art, this was the perception my instructor had put in my head of an impossible task at hand when i started in Kenpo, but i committed to attaining my black belt, 12 years on a fractured journey I have now actually…

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