Head Instructor and Founder of Personal Self Defence.

2008 Bayside Vic Student Awards

The Personal Self Defence 2008 Bayside Vic Student Awards results are in, check out the following Link : Click Here for the Results Page Click Here for Photos Well Done all Students …………………..

ED Parker Jr Down Under

Ed parker Jr recently visitied our shores to participate in the kids world Championships and adults Kenpo grading Panel. He also visited the Healsville Sanctuary where he is shown here with James and Angelina Throwing a traditional Aboriginal Boomerang from made by Local Aborigini Murrundindi. ………

Ed Parker Jr New T Shirt Designs

Ed Parker Jr has recently released some new Designs for High quality T shirt Line called Extreme Pain Clothing, pictured above is the samurai warrior, this and many other cool tshirt designs are available at www.extremepaingear.com and from first hand experience I can tell you they are Extremely Comfortable T-Shirts, …

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AMI Supershow 2008

I Recently Visited with Sensei Shane Parker the Australian Martial Arts Super show this past weekend and we met up with some accomplished Martial artists and business men who shared a lot of information and knowledge about their art and their Business, Mr Roland Osborne, Mr Keith Scott and Mr …

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Kids Grading May 2008

Personal Self Defence recently had a Kenpo Kids Grading on 2nd of May and successfully graded 10 students to their next Consecutive rank, shown above are our 2 New Blue Belts Chelsea and Christian and our new 2nd Brown Nicole and 1st Brown Christina. Well Done to all great effort …

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Commitment (Lack of)

1 in 1000 make it black Belt in our Art, this was the perception my instructor had put in my head of an impossible task at hand when i started in Kenpo, but i committed to attaining my black belt, 12 years on a fractured journey I have now actually …

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