2013 GL Kenpo Australian Tour Announced

Direct from Fresno, California USA, 8th Degree Associate Master Mr Graham Lelliott has announced his 2013 Australian tour. If you are a Kenpo practitioner or martial artists from another style, Mr Lelliott has something to offer you as he is known for his knowledge in the American Kenpo system, a seminar…

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Welcome to Personal Self Defence

The Home of Kids, Teen and Adults Self Defence / Kenpo Karate / Kenpo Self Defence/ Humane Pressure Point Tactics/ Kyusho Jitsu in Australia.

Were you will find Information and details on all the Above Systems of Self Defence………..We hope you enjoy our website and stop by and visit us if you are in the area.

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2012 Kenpo Spirit Camp Announced

Personal Self Defence announces the Annual Kenpo Spirit Camp for 2012 to be Held on Friday Night the 29th of June to the Sunday the 1st July, the camp is open to PSD Affiliated Schools  Adults, Teens, Kids Family Members and their friends. The Camp will be held at the…

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10th Deg Grand Master Richard Huk Planas 2011 Seminars

Personal Self Defence along with 10th Degree Master of the Arts Mr Richard “Huk” Planas together with 5th Deg Associate Professor Mr Ingmar Johansson Kenpo Sweden announce there 2011 Road Warrior Australian Tour. This is the first in Australia for Master Planas and Assoc. Professor Johnsson with over 15 deg…

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Community Service -Self Defence for Guides

Personal Self Defence loves to get involved in Community Service and recently spent time running  a Self Defence and awareness class for the local girl guides, Sensei Peter Tas spent time with the guides giving them some new insights, life skills and awareness that they hopefully take forward with them…

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PSD Volunteers to Fight for Life Charity Event

Sensei Peter Tas has volunteered to teach at the Fight for Life Charity Event that was Inspired by the one of the founding instructors of Idokan Australia and Bushido Instructors Association is “fighting for her life” against cancer. There will be 40+ instructors teaching their unique martial art styles. The program will consist of twelve seminars running simultaneously with a total of twelve different sessions. Over the weekend there will be a massive 144 seminars to participate in and watch demonstrations being performed.

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2010 Annual Spirit Camp Photos

Personal Self Defence held its  Annual Kenpo Spirit Training Camp 2010  on Friday the  2nd of July weekend, with students and instructors from around Australia attending, the Critics have voted, best Camp ever. The camp held  (Near Ballarat) with instructors Shane Parkers’ Tullamarine Dojo, Sensei Peter Kelly’s—NSW Penrith Dojo, Sensei…

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Satement of Qualifications – Buyer Beware..

It has come to recent light that there is a joke circulating in relation to Sensei Peter Kelly claiming that he is a  7th degree black belt in American Kenpo, to set the record straight, Sensei Kelly refutes all Claims and states for the records that he holds the rank…

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MA TV Interview

8th Deg Associate Master Graham Lelliott together with Sensei Peter Tas, were interviewed for MA TV by Graham Slater, which aired on Channel 31 last week, check out the video.

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PSD Students Grading 2010

The Students and Instructors of Personal Self Defence Victoria graded under the wathchful eye of Mr Graham Lelliott, and all succesfully moved to the Next Level Well Done all…….. Photos are up in the Photo gallery.

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Tiger Warriors Grading Bayside Victoria

The Tiger Warriors of Bayside Victoria tested for their next belt Levels on Sat the 7th under the watchful eyes of Sensei Peter Tas and a full black Belt Panel, Sensei Shane Parker from the Greenvale Dojo, Sensei Simon Rea and Sensei Stephen Broadbent from Studio Plus in QLD,  the…

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