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At Personal Self Defence we have a range of Programs that are suitable for Men, Women, Teens, Kids of all skills and fitness levels while our Instructors help you progress at your own skill and pace.
We understand that everybody is unique and has different needs and wants, working with each students individual requirements through a concept called Tailoring.

Mini Tigers-Small

Preschool – Mini Tigers Program (3 to 5 Yrs) 

The Martial Art Program that brings out your child’s confidence and personality………………
Our Mini Tigers program is  designed for preschool Kids 3 to 5 yrs of age, our classes are structured to make them fun while teaching them valuable coordination and life skills to help bring out the best in them.
Self Defence and Life Skills for the younger generation.
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Junior Tiger Warriors Teen Program (5 to 14 Yrs)

The Martial Art Programs that’s setting New Standards………………
The Martial art program specifically Designed for Kids and Teens…….
Self Defence and Life Skills for the younger generation.
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Kenpo Tactical Systems Program – Family, Teen & Adults

A System of Self Defence designed From Teen to for the whole family, practical and Logical technique applications that will develop your self defence skills while training as a Individual or a  family.
This program is delved to challenge the Teen & Adults mind and allow adults / teens  to train alongside their family members while learning similar progression of self defence and Kenpo system…

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Kenpo Self Defence
Explosive Kenpo Short Courses for Busy People…….
Specifically designed for Maximum Absorption and affect in a short Time Frame ……

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Humane Pressure Point Tactics
When there is a need to use Force, you want to make sure you know what to do
a system Involving Non Lethal techniques which are safe to use perfect for family or corporate Personnel

Kyusho Jitsu
“One Second Combat” A System of Pressure points and their application
courses from from Adult to Instructor Available



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