Safety Tips

We are proud of our students accomplishments and their creations, this page is dedicated to Student created Safety Tips that is a part of their Belt requirements, The students submit their safety tips and all Original Tips are placed here with the students name credited.

Safety Tips for Home

  1. Make Sure all Doorway entrances are Clear (E.G. No Toys in front of the doorway)  Luke.R.
  2. Keep the Doors Locked and Dont Open the Doors for strangers Josh D
  3. Dont Play with any Sharp Objects in the Kitchen Sam.M.
  4. Dont Run on the stairs Jake. K.
  5. Dont Throw things inside the house Laura C
  6. Dont Climb up on the furniture to get something from up high Sarah C

Safety Tips On the way to School

  1. Keep a watch on driveways, try to listen out for cars coming out or reversing Luke.R.
  2. Use the traffic Lights when crossing busy roads Josh D
  3. Be careful Crossing the road Sam.M.
  4. Dont be silly in the car on the way to school Jake. K.
  5. Dont Talk to Strangers or accept gifts or a Lift Sarah C

Safety Tips in the Playground

  1. Dont stand too close to play equipment while children are on them. Luke.R.
  2. Dont try dangerous things on the play equipment. Josh D
  3. Only use the equipment the way it is meant to be used Sam.M.
  4. Dont Push others in the Playground Jake. K.
  5. Dont go on the playground by yourself Sarah C

Safety Tips While on MSN or the Internet

  1. Dont give out private information. Luke.R.
  2. Only ue a computer when there is and Adult supervising. Josh D
  3. Let your Parents know you are on the internet Sam.M.
  4. Dont tell people on the internet your phone number or where you live Jake. K.
  5. Dont Google without a grown up Sarah C

Safety Tips on Strangers

  1. A Stranger is someone that you do not know or recognise. Luke.R.
  2. A Stranger is someone you have not seen before. Josh D

Safety Tips in Kenpo Class

  1. In Kenpo class you must give enough space between team members because you might hit each other. Luke.R.
  2. Always listen to Sensei in class and careful when doing kick not to hurt anyone around you when practising Josh D
  3. Dont Spill any water on the floor in case somebody slips in it Sam.M.
  4. Dont Push students in class Jake. K.

More tips will be added as Keep checking the page for more Information.








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