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Kenpo Self Defence – Short Courses

Always Wanted to do Martial Arts but don’t have the time ?
Try our Kenpo Self Defence Short courses
We welcome you to come try our Self Defence Short Course Programs which are developed especially for beginners.
A system based on today’s world with Practical and Simple Self defence techniques with responses that don’t take years to Develop.
Our courses are based on a system using Logic, theories and concepts of motion to offer Self Defence Techniques that are tailored to suit the Individual.
They are designed to give a smaller opponent the advantage to overcome a larger attacker.
We are offer a Comprehensive 5 or 8 Weeks Course 1hr Classes per week with Certificate Upon Completion.
Plain Clothes, no uniform so sign ups required, casual enrollments accepted
All Techniques are explained in full Detail, Knowledge of not only how but When and Why they should be used.

Here’s a few reasons why our courses are different

1. It is Specifically designed from the ground up for Busy people, not a watered down System…….
2. We teach you how to protect yourself with real self defence skills from day one, The confidence you gain from learning self defense gives you the confidence to handle difficult situations.
3. The Kenpo Self Defence System has been developed to achieve maximum Absorption with techniques that don’t take years to master.
4. We tailoring the system to the individual not the individual to the system, meaning the system is adapted to suit your skills level and abilities to make if effective and chances of success.
5. No experience is required to start in our short courses as we cover all the basics from the ground up.
6. We create an environment that is warm, friendly, caring, challenging and fun.
7. All Instructors in the program are Government Certified coaches, Policed & working with Children Checked before appointment.
8. All Instructors are Level 2 First aid Qualified.
9. All our Instructors are certified to teach the Kenpo Self Defence Program.
10. Kenpo Self Defence Short courses can be used as a stepping stone into other programs should you wish to continue your martial training further or utilize it on its own.

To Talk further about our Kenpo Self Defence programs…….
Contact Sensei Peter Tas on 0438 946-781

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