Stranger Danger

We are proud of our students acomplishments and their creations, this page is dedicated to Student created Stranger Danger Tips that is a part of their Belt requirements, The students submit their  tips and all Original Tips are placed here with the students name credited.


General Tips

  1. Do not Talk to them Michael F
  2. If They Attack you defend yourself Michael F
  3. If they try to trick you dont go with them Michael F
  4. Do not go into a car with them Michael F
  5. Scream out loud for help if in trouble Michael F
  6. Keep the Doors Locked and Dont Open the Doors for strangers Josh D
  7. A Stranger is Someone you don’t Know Corey K
  8. A Stranger is Someone you Know but they are in the wrong place at the wrong time Corey K
  9. A Stranger is anyone that you don’t know and you feel uneasy and scared someone you don’t Know Corey K
  10. If you are walking home and someone in a car pulls up and asks for directions they are considered strangers. Corey K
  11. If you haven’t met someone in real life they are a stranger , for example someone you chat with on the internet. Corey K
  12. A Stranger could be someone that is good looking , well dressed and tidy or someone that is messy and dirty, in other words you cant ick a stranger from how they look. Corey K.
Home Tips
  1. Dont answer the door unless you have a security door and its locked Chelsea L
  2. Get Mum or Dad if you dont know who it is   Chelsea L
  3. Dont give any information to the person  Chelsea L
  4. Never open the door to strangers  Chelsea L
  5. Do not let the stranger in Chelsea L
  6. Use the Traffic Lights when crossing the road Josh D
  7. Dont Run on the Stairs Jake K

Phone Tips
  1. Dont answer any questions or give information to strangers Chelsea L
  2. Dont tell them your name    Chelsea L
  3. Dont tell the your address Chelsea L
  4. Dont tell them where you go to school. Chelsea L
  5. Do not let the stranger in Chelsea L
  6. Dont do dangerous things Josh D
Internet Tips
  1. Only go to Super Clubs Plus (School Website) Chelsea L
  2. Dont go into any dangerous websites Chelsea L
  3. Dont give any personal information to anyone on the internet Chelsea L
  4. Only go to websites that Mum and Dad say are OK. Chelsea L

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