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Club & Instructor Recommendations  – International


Rich Hale. 7th Deg Black Belt  Kenpo Karate – Senior Professor
Ohana Kenpo Karate Association
(California USA)

Club & Instructor Recommendations  – International

This is a letter of endorsement for Peter Tas and he’s Martial Arts Academy, Personal Self Defence. It has been my pleasure to have know Peter over the last 10 year period in which he has become a very loyal and prominent student/instructor in the GL Kenpo family.
I hold Peter in the highest regard for his well rounded knowledge in the art of ED Parkers American Kenpo, he’s enthusiasm to get the best out of his students in both children and adults is second to none.  Peter is a 4th degree black belt in Ed Parkers American Kenpo and obtains his ranking directly from me as a first generation student, he is also my highest ranking black belt in Australia. It is with great pleasure that i lend both my name and my organization GL Kenpo in endorsing Personal Self Defence as a Black Belt school of the highest quality.

Graham Lelliott. 8th Deg Black Belt  Kenpo Karate – Associate Master of the Arts
(California USA)


Club & Instructor Recommendations  – International

On visiting the clubs run by Peter Tas during my visit to Australia in 2011, I saw a close-knit, family-oriented organization. “Mr. Tas” is part of the American Kenpo lineage that runs directly down from Ed Parker through me and his instructor, Graham Lelliott.
The group is well-rounded in their experience, which includes tournament competition along with the standard requirements of our system. Under his leadership and with the help of competent black belts, they have a successful school that benefits a wide-range of people.
I endorse their studio and wish them continued success.

Lee Wedlake
9th Degree Black Belt  Kenpo Karate – Master of the Arts
(Texas, USA)


Tiger Warriors – Junior Program 5 to 14 Yrs – Parent Testimonial

Enrolling my son in karate has been one of the best things we have done. My son started at Personal Self Defence 2 1/2 years ago. The program and the teachers have helped my son increase his confidence and develop self-discipline; as well as helping me raise him to be responsible, conscientious and the best that he can be. My son’s “black belt attitude” is also coming through in his school work ethic. I also greatly appreciate their teaching of stranger / danger , and dealing with bulling in the classes. I highly recommend Personal self Defence.

Michelle A (Chelsea Heights)


Ed Parker’s American Kenpo – Adults  Program  – Student Testimonial

“Learning Kenpo at Personal Self Defence literally changed my life for the better in so many ways. Not only have I gained practical self defence skills, I’ve met so many amazing people and achieved so much more for myself than I had previously ever imagined. Our Sensei, Mr Tas, treats us and trains us as individuals as different to other schools I’ve attended in the past where you feel like you don’t matter. At the end of every training session I always feel a true sense of satisfaction and achievement that translates into higher self esteem and confidence in other aspects of my life. PSD and the Kenpo community has truly brought out the best in me and I would recommend it to anyone to give it a go.”

Paul A (Aspendale)

Self Defence  Short Courses  – Teen & Adults  Program

Peter Tas provided an excellent introduction to practical self-defence skills for young women at our Guide Meeting. He started the night by discussing the dangers girls face in the modern world, and got them thinking seriously, but without scaring them too much. The skills he then instructed to deal with dangerous situations were achievable by the girls, and they really enjoyed learning and practicing each move. As a male instructor, he interacted with the girls exceptionally professionally, and was very skilled at handling the 10-15yr age group. He made the activities relevant, practical and most of all, fun! Thank you very much Peter for running a great evening for our unit. I think the girls will have learned some very useful skills that may one day be literally lifesaving!


Natalie Waldie Leader 5th Brighton Guides (Brighton)

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