Huk Planas

Personal Self Defence along with 10th Degree Master of the Arts Mr Richard “Huk” Planas together with 5th Deg Associate Professor Mr Ingmar Johansson Kenpo Sweden announce there 2011 Road Warrior Australian Tour.
This is the first in Australia for Master Planas and Assoc. Professor Johnsson with over 15 deg of Black Belt rank and knowledge to be shared with the Australian Martial Arts Community.

10th Degree Master of the Arts Mr Richard “Huk” PLanas
one of the leading Kenpo instructors in the world, he is renowned for his
knowledge and experience in the Kenpo System as taught to him by Senior Grand Master.
Mr Planas is known as the Instructors Instructor as is one of the most sought Instructors and senior Kenpoists, together with 5th Degree Associate Professor Mr Ingmar Johansson they will be sharing there knowledge to the Australian Martial arts community.

Seminar Topics Covering Knife, Stick Defence along with technique integration and Category Completion along with many other concepts and principles more than your mind can handle.

Seminars open to all styles and organisations, just contact each location to reserve your tickets.



Info on Master Huk Planas:
Mr. Planas began his Kenpo training in Fresno, California in the late sixties under Steve Labounty and Tom Kelly. He moved to Texas to help Tom Kelly open a school in El Paso in 1969 and then moved to Pasadena, California to go to work for Ed Parker as a Brown Belt.

He received his Black Belt and all subsequent rank through Ed Parker up to Seventh Degree; the highest non-honorary, non-political rank given by Parker in 1985. He became the Manager of the Pasadena school for several years, as well as the Executive Vice President of the International Kenpo Karate Association for the last ten years Ed Parker lived. Throughout this time, Mr. Planas was also instrumental in the development of the original manuals

After Parker’s passing other associations were formed, one of which promoted Mr. Planas to Eighth Degree in 1991. Then in 1995 several associations joined together to promote him to 10th Degree Black.

– Featured in Ed Parker’s Infinite Insights Into Kenpo, Volume One.
– Assisted Ed Parker in 1975 with his book, Ed Parker’s Guide to the Nunchaku.
– Featured in Black Belt Magazine: January, 1992 entitled, “Who is the Rightful Heir to Ed Parker’s Kenpo?”
– Featured in Black Belt Magazine article: September, 1997 entitled, “Nine Golden Rules of Kenpo.”
– Featured in The Journey, The Oral Histories of 24 of the Most Proficient American Kenposits of Today.

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