The Universal Pattern

Universal PatternNotice that each of the major elements in the Universal Pattern can be seen from different angles.

The eight angles (multiplication sign and an addition sign) show the eight major directions from which you can attack or defend.

The triangle can be found in the path of motion in a parry, (horizontal with your shoulders acting as the base). For cover outs, again laid horizontal with your rear foot at the peak your front foot would follow the base line.

The diamond shows a path of action. An example would be an inward block on a downward, diagonal path or an upward block.

The circle (or circular motion) could be found by following the line the foot travels on in a roundhouse kick, or the footwork in Brushing the Storm.

The oval (an elongated circle) could be found in Snapping Twig or Locked Wing.

The Figure Eight can be seen in the single hand moves at the end of Dance of Death (back knuckle strike to the left knee followed by the hand sword to the groin) as well as in the opening moves of Snaking Talons and Entwined Maces.

The Overlapping Circles can be found in the first moves of Circling Fans and in the feet on Securing The Storm. The overlapped circles can be side by side or at an angle to one another.

The Heart can be found in the opening moves of Blinding Sacrifice (vertical, with the point at bottom), Thrusting Wedge (again vertical) and Fatal Cross (horizontal with the point towards attacker).

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