Why Kenpo

Inward Block arm Trap

KENPO is one of the most effective forms of self defense in the world today, suited to todays world were attackers are many and weapons are more than likely involved, KENPO teaches the skills to help overcome a disadvantaged situation.
A style that can be adapted to suit almost anybody, a system based on logic and motion utilizing subjects taught in schools encompassing physics, chemistry, math and english. Lesson and concepts taught in KENPO can be adapted and grafted into everyday Life, a KENPO student can take the KENPO concepts taught and utilize them in other Arts to enhance their training and effectiveness.
Its is one of the Arts that truly opens the door for its students to pass thru, wheter or not they pass through is a matter of there willingness to suceed.
A system that trains mind, body and soul of an individual to make them stronger not only physically but mentally and spiritually
and not to mention :-

The fastest hands in the business ……………………………
KENPO is rewnowned for its speed striking, and has had up to 19 strikes per second been recorded.

A teacher can do no more than point the way and, sometimes by example, inspire. The work is up to the student.
Herman Kauz, Tai Chi Handbook


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